My journey started once I entered this luxurious new home – Hard Rock Hotel. Once the valet showed me the room, I got too excited about the ocean view, that he didn’t even know what to do. 😀 The purpose of this journey was to reconnect with my fellow Mindvalley friends and to experience A-fest when you’re not working there. And let me tell you – it was the best experience of my entire life!

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If festivals could have babies, Ted-talks + Burning Man baby would be called – A-fest. It’s a gathering of people who want to make the world a better place. They come together to network and grow. It’s a tribe of entrepreneurs, public speakers, actors etc. who gather twice a year in a paradise location. It’s an invitation-only event, where you have to apply and only the people who pass the qualifications are eligible to participate.


On the first day, we had a magnificent cocktails reception with a spectacular show. Fire dances and mingling. It was so wonderful to see all the people I’ve met in A-fest Costa Rica 2015!

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After registration and exciting welcome talks we had a memorable Beach party at Hard Rock beach area, where everyone was kind of coordinated and dressed up in white clothes. The party included an awesome BBQ with drinks and toasts. And of course, let’s not forget the fire dancers and some crazy after parties.

18556995_1936771376348562_6391276331617560018_n.jpg . 18582203_1936770296348670_8805096401682080884_n.jpg . 18485764_1936784446347255_608254192843725135_n.jpg


I started my day with yoga and free dance, to which I proudly made to. 😀 After seeing the breathtaking sunrise I continued my day with sessions with Esther Parel and had a spiritual breakthrough followed by energy healing. I’ve never felt so calm in my entire life. People could see me glow. At night we were entertained in the hippie market – Namaste party. My dear friend had a surprise marriage and it just felt like you were in India/Thailand. People really put an effort into their costumes. After energy healing, I entertained myself with tea and fabulous music.

18556130_1938770786148621_566217576334036647_n.jpg . 18527725_1938771026148597_3234612598781461786_n.jpg . 18519649_1938770762815290_3437741572142813770_n.jpg


Another Sunrise at the beach, swimming in the sea. And you would think this experience could not get any better. However, I went to awesome talks and taboo party! Everyone was dressed in leather and latex, they brought their whips and handcuffs. It got really kinky in the dark room, but I am not allowed to say what. 😀

18582587_1939913066034393_4589764330274557337_n.jpg  18527640_1939874056038294_7817427286389438900_n.jpg . 18582522_1939871826038517_5116385958931459805_n.jpg


On the last day, it was so sad to wake up knowing it. Nevertheless, we knew that the best party was yet to come – future human.  After inspirational talks by Vishen Lakhiani and Lisa Nichols and the beach party, I found myself in the future. It was absolutely out of this world experience. The countdown for A-fest Jamaica has started.18622656_10158711093310503_8237033300532207087_n (1)


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